Gujarat Life Sciences
Safe-O-Shine - A unique Bio-Disinfictant and Floor Cleaner by GLS
Safe-O-Shine is a unique Bio-disinfectant and Floor cleaner. It has been made from the essential plant extracts, herbal oils and natural emulsifier by Gujarat Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.. It is 100% Eco-Friendly product. It is free from chemicals.
When applied as floor cleaner for any surfaces (all sorts of tiles, marbles, granite, table top, toilet and bathroom surfaces and wooden laminates), it kills pathogenic microbes 1:1000 times dilution. It kills them in less than 30 seconds. It has been proved that ‘Safe-O-Shine’ has excellent anti-microbial activities.
It has also been proved that ‘Safe-O-Shine’ has high bio-efficacy to control fungus and fungal spores.
It is 3 in 1 product. It also works as room freshner and deodourizer and makes the surrounding atmosphere with pleasant fragrance.
One of the most important characteristic of 'Safe-O-Shine' is that it repells the insects when sprayed on lawns, flowers and pots.
Safe-O-Shine is certified as 100% approved organic input for cleaning by ECOCERT – France based organic certifying agency.

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