Gujarat Life Sciences
ResearchGujarat Life Sciences (P.) Ltd (GLS) is a pioneer in the area of the emerging Microbial Consortia Technology. This is a unique method to combat multiple issues through single application and is implemented in various areas of agriculture, environment and health-care.

The technology is based on the fact that various microbes have different functions but are difficult to maintain in the same formulation. With the breakthrough in developing large-scale process of formulating a single product, combined of different microbes, GLS has provided an easy and cost-effective solution for a range of applications, which were so far unexplored. This proof of this technology reflects in the successful application in the Agri-Biotech, Environ-Biotech and Health Care.

GLS houses state-of-the-art R&D facilities to carry out research and product development in varied fields like biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, agronomy and life sciences. Besides in-house research, GLS also provides the facilities for contract research, training programmes and links with universities to develop young talent in the field of application oriented research.
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PROM - Phoshpate Rich Organic Manure is available with us. Yellow sticky trap is available with us.
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