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sales-marketingThe heart of Gujarat Life Sciences (P.) Ltd (GLS) is in the hands of its young and strong sales and marketing brigade. GLS has established a strong market presence through a very capable dealers and distributors network reaching to farmers in smallest of villages. Over and above, GLS has strategic alliances with leading agro-chemical industries with large networks and caters to the agricultural communities in far-fetched areas of India and abroad.

The solid waste and environmental issues of industries are answered by this team, who form a link between the industy and R&D. The large-scale product distribution is backed up by very skillful Manufacturing, which has enabled GLS to venture into different countries of Far East Asia and Africa. GLS also provides education, training and services for awareness of biotechnology, environment and modern agriculture.
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PROM - Phoshpate Rich Organic Manure is available with us. Yellow sticky trap is available with us.
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