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SEMBAS is a biotechnology based effluent treatment system. The use of microbial consortia is the unique feature of SEMBAS whereby, there is negligible usage of power or mechanical parts. The advantage is almost no operational cost and the whole system becomes cost effective for both small scale and large-scale projects. SEMBAS is highly effective on stringent effluents and common effluent treatment plants. It offers a novel technology of immobilization of cells and combines microbiology and bioengineering to provide safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions to the effluent treatment and pollution problems.

How to do use it

In SEMBAS the process is divided up into phases, through separate microbial packed towers called as SIMPU (Single Immobilized Microbial Packed Unit). For various effluents, the packaging and number of SIMPUs vary. This is decided from the strength of the effluent, time taken for degrading its constituents and number of microorganism needs to work for the same. Ideally, there are 3-5 SIMPUs in any effluent treatment system. These SIMPUs are strategically arranged, depending on the microbial beds in each. The effluent is passed through these in phases to clear out the contents step-by-step.

Applications & benefits

  • Easy to set up and install, in any kind of industry
  • Minimal or negligible maintenance cost
  • Requires very less energy consumption, hence high on energy efficiency
  • One time installation can serve upto 3 to 4 years depending on the type of waste, hence decreases recurring expenses which are normally observed in conventional ETP facilities
  • Requires no trained man-power for conducting the operations
  • The streams treated can be discharged easily since they confirm to norms laid down as per local and national level confirmation laid down

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