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Glozol (Organic Floor Cleaner)

  • Glozol is 100% Eco-friendly Floor Cleaner, made with the help of essential plant extracts, essential herbal oils and natural emulsifier.
  • It works as 3 in 1 product. It is Bio-disinfectant, floor cleaner and deodourizer.
  • GIozol works as insect repellent when sprayed on lawns, flowers and pots.
  • It helps to repel home flies and mosquitoes
  • It has no side effects to humans, animals or plants. It contains natural fragrance which makes you feel good.

How to do use it

In Floor Mopping, Surface Cleaning, Spraying, Fogging, Misting

Applications & benefits

  1. Hospital & Clinics
  2. Hotels & Restaurants
  3. Airports
  4. Railway Stations
  5. Offices
  6. Households
  7. Schools
  8. Shopping Malls
  9. Wherever you need chemical free environment.

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