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Bioshot is a Pseudomonas florescence bacterium formulated in an inert carrier material like talc and similar other natural product.

How to do use it

  1. Seed Treatment: Mix 5 to 10 gms. of the product with little water and make a paste. Apply over 1 kg. of seed. And leave it in a dry place for 24 hrs. and then sow it.
  2. Drenching Application: 5 gms. of the product in 1 lit. water applied over the crops by spraying.
  3. Soil Treatement : 1.5 to 2 kg. of the product mixed with 25 kg. farm yard manure applied to the soil prior to sowing or post sowing.

Applications & benefits

  1. It is effective against leaf spot diseases, root and stem rot diseases, damping off diseases etc.
  2. Very effective in controlling bacterial and fungal diseases in potato. It is also effective in scabies in potatoes.
  3. Effective against bacterial diseases in Banana caused by Erwinia spp. like stem rot of banana.

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