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GLS-Bioneematicide is made from an advance strain of paecilomyces lilacinus. It has the ability to colonise the egg’s of wide range of phytopathogenic nematodes. Some times it colonises the female Nematode also. It is also effective over larvae of many Nematodes.

How to do use it

  • 3 kgs. of GLS-Bioneematicide is applied over an area of 1 acre.
  • 3 kgs. of GLS-Bioneematicide mixed with 100 kgs. farm yard manure should be applied prior to sowing of seed or after 15 days of germination.

Applications & benefits

GLS-Bioneematicide has broad spectrum activity against Root knot Nematodes, Cyst Nematodes, Reniform Nematodes, Stunt Nematode.

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