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Yellow Sticky trap is a glue-based, pest insect attracting trap.

  • These traps work on the principle of attracting the insects visually or chemically and immobilizing them on the sticky surface.
  • Many insects are attracted to different colours so utilizing this property, sticky traps are designed.
  • Some variants may also contain pheromone(insect attracting natural chemicals ), which attracts flying insects.
  • Therefore, these traps do not make use of any toxic chemicals and are environment friendly.


How to do use it

The steps involved in working of sticky traps are :

  • Bright coloured surface / pheromone attracts the pest insects towards the trap.
  • When these insects try to sit on the trap, they stick to the surface due to the presence of sticky glue.
  • The trapping cards are available in different colours and shapes for different types of insects.

Some of the popular adhesive traps are:-
  • Yellow Sticky Trap
  • Blue Sticky Trap
  • White Sticky Trap
  • Delta Trap

Dosage: 08nos / Acre

Applications & benefits

Yellow Sticky Trap

  • A Yellow sticky trap  have yellow coloured sticky plate for attracting and trapping insect pests.
  • The plate contains non-drying sticky glue on both the surfaces to which insects stick.
  • It is highly effective in vegetable and flower gardens and for field crops such as cotton and Mustard.
  • A Yellow sticky trap is primarily used to control insects such as:
               • Aphids
               • White fly
               • scales
               • Leaf miners etc.
  • Yellow sticky traps are waterproof cards with bright yellow colour or coating.
  • These cards are available in sizes of various dimensions, mostly 8 x 12 inches.
Insects found on sticky traps


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