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1. Solar insect killer.
2. LED watts 3Watts (12 LEDs)
3. Solar panel 3 Watts, 6 volts Polycrystalline Aluminum shielded with tuff glass       
    Size(190mm X 255 mm)
4. Battery 6 volts 4AH Sealed with 6 months warranty (System guarantee for 1 year)
5. 200 -500 Square Meters Coverage open area
6. Eco-Friendly. No pesticides used.
7. Traps 1000 kinds of insect pests
8. Enclosure with insect attractant yellow colour
9. Effective agricultural application
10.Microcontroller based with Frequency UV LED 380nm which attracts insect pests
11. 5”ft height .
12. Total Weight 4kg Approx.
13. Turns on automatically at sun-down
14. Runs for 2-3 hours

How to do use it

Solar Light Trap has very simple mechanism. The solar panel will charge the battery throughout the day and there is an automatic sensor which will turn on the LED light at sun-down. This is the time that insects come out. They get attracted and fall in the yellow container kept under the light. They get trapped/drowned and thus the control takes place

Applications & benefits

Solar Insect Trap has been widely adopted as an ecofriendly and highly effective pest control method. It is an ideal application for the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of economical control of a large number of pests. Moreover it helps in insect monitoring and early pest detection that can help the farmer to take preventive measures to safe-guard the crop. Compared to several types of traps solar light trap comes out to be most practical, economical and effective for a long-term. It has been proven that the solar light trap is very effective in attracting the adults of most species of nocturnal insect over 1000 different varieties of insect pests.

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