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Wonderlife:1-2-3 has two formulations, Wonderlife-1 and Wonderlife-2&3. These formulations are prepared keeping in focus the biocomposting process, which essentially broken up in three phases, Thermophilic, Mesophilic and Maturation.

Wonderlife-1: Comprises of thermophilic and decomposting microbial cultures. These include Cellulomonas, Pleurotus, Actinomycetes, Torulospora globosa, Chactominum globosum, Pseudomonas, Azotobacter and other microbes which effectively decompose the solid waste material in a short period. The microbes not only survive the high temperatures but also enhance the decomposting process thereby enabling complete biocompost of the solid waste in a short period.

Wonderlife-2-3 is a combination of specialized media dosage, naturally available amino acids and hormones and extracts that not only enhance the complete biocompost mixture but also help to revive and develop the dormant microorganisms to continue the biological activity in the biocompost. This is a crucial stage in biocompost process, because if the biocompost is allowed to cool down without any treatment, there is a possibility of pathogenic microbes growing in it and may cause harmful effects when applied in the field.

How to do use it

  • Mix 1 liter Wonderlife-1 in 100 liter water
  • Spray over 1 MT of Organic Waste
  • Mix well and spray more water
  • Cover the mixture with plastic sheet
  • After 15 days, mix and spray water
  • Cover the mixture with plastic sheet
  • After 30 days remove the cover
  • Mix 4 liter Wonderlife-2-3 in 100 liter water
  • Spray over 1 MT of Biocompost
  • Mix well and Bag the product

Applications & benefits

BENEFITS of Wonderlife:1-2-3 and compost made by the using them.
  • Faster composting time
  • Better Maturity, hence less diseases
  • Odour removal
  • Waste management
  • Enhance soil conditioner
  • Increased plant promotion
  • Better yields and more income
  • Faster germination of seed
  • Good luster or crop
  • Greater size of leaves, height of plant and length of roots
  • Profuse rooting and microbe colonization in rhizosphere
  • Early setting of fruit. Increase in the weight, number and size of fruits
  • Rigidity of the plant and fruit
  • Greater N, P and Micronutrients
  • Biological fungal control
  • Ideal for organic farming and IPM
  • No side effects what-so-ever to the farmer, crop or soil

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