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There has been an age-old procedure followed by farmers world over, to burn off the trash in the field remaining after harvesting. This not only causes damage to the sensitive ecosystem and microflora of the crop but also causes damage to neighbouring fields, flora and causes pollution. The trash, which is otherwise rendered useless by the farmers, can in fact be a big boon. The ingredients, organic matter amino acids and biochemicals of the waste can now be converted into rich organic manure using RELIFE.

How to do use it

For the agricultural waste of 1 acre, 1 Kg/ liters RELIFE should be applied for quick and effective decomposition. There are two simple methods for the application of RELIFE.

Method-1 :
Direct Application through Spraying

  • Add 1 Kg/liter RELIFE to 200 liters water.
  • Using a sprayer, spray this mixture evenly on the agricultural waste of 1 acre area.

Method-2 :
Application through Organic Manure / FYM / Biocompost

  • Add 1 Kg/liter RELIFE to about 50 liters water.
  • Spray this mixture over OM/FYM/BC for 1 acre application
  • Mix well and add the OM/FYM/BC evenly over agricultural waste of 1acre area.

Applications & benefits

  • When RELIFE is sprayed on the trash/waste, the microbial cultures carry out a slow process of decomposition
  • During this time large number of microorganisms will colonize in the soil and will secrete amino acids, enzymes and hormones along with micronutrients and beneficial biochemicals
  • When RELIFE is applied, it only affects the dead trash material and does not cause any damage live plants or crops. Therefore, Re-Life can be applied even when there is a standing crop like Sugarcane or horticultural crops
  • RELIFE enriches the soil fertility and enhances the soil microflora thereby enabling reduction in chemical fertilizer inputs and other expensive agro-inputs
  • RELIFE also provides resistance to the soil and crop by developing strong biological control agents and provides protection.

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