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There are 20 amino acids identified in plants which essentially participate in bio-synthesis. The amino acids are the structural basis of proteins and are synthesized in the root and leaf system of the plant, after that they travel to the synthesizing centers, which are new leaves & stems.
GLS-AMINOMIX is a mixture of amino acids (Protein Hydrolysates) extracted from vegetative origin with the help of enzymatic hydrolysis. Amino-concentrates derived from vegetative origins are preferred in agriculture in developed countries In the past, higher price of similar products prevented large scale use in agriculture as foliar and soil application.

How to do use it

GLS-AMINOMIX foliar spray increases yield and quality of produce significantly. The spray schedule should be matched with various stages of growth when higher nutrition is demanded in the plants. GLS-AMINOMIX allows best utilization of nutrients already available in plants. It may be used in mixture of usual fungicides or insecticides as long as they are not alkaline in reaction.

Applications & benefits

  • Promotes enzymatic activities as natural stimulants.
  • Stimulates photosynthesis due to increases in availability of CO2
  • Stimulates protein creation as it contains amino acids which act as building blocks.
  • Increases resistance against crop disease. Balances sex ratio of flowers.
  • Induces flowering fruit setting and stops pre-mature flower dropping
  • Improves the efficiency of the pesticides and fungicides.

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