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Superbiolife is a combination of beneficial microorganisms with a range of biostimulants, plant growth promoters, enzymes and amino acids in a formulation that can be readily diluted with water in a homogenous emulsifiable form.

How to do use it

Application of Super-Biolife over pastures, loans and sport-fields gives a rejuvenation to the soil microflora and micronutrients.

Do not mix SuperBiolife with any chemical. Apply irrigation after the application of SuperBiolife.

Applications & benefits

  • SuperBiolife affords an excellent readily available growth factors and growth stimulants
  • It also enhances resistance capacity of the plant against various soil borne pathogens and diseases.
  • This product also facilitates faster solubilization of phosphates and micronutrients, even for crops growing in arids and semi arids by sustaining against high temperatures and water scarcity.
  • The product stimulates root growth and nutrient uptake.
  • The unique combination adds lusture and shine to the grass by boosting the chlorophyll activity and ensures the growth and metabolism.

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