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Biolife is a combination of Protein hydrosylates from fermentation of plants. It contains Tricontanol like fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes and peptides of natural origin. It is an excelllent plant growth promoter for all types of crops.

How to do use it

Being a growth promoter Biolife may be applied at a regular interval of 20-25 days. However it must be applied at crucial stages like budding, flowering, fruit setting etc.

With dosage of 2-3 ml of Biolife/ lit. of water, spray uniformly on foliage area of plants so that the plant, especially the leaves are completely drenched.

Applications & benefits

  • Biolife mixes well with chemicals and is easy to apply
  • It provides strength and resistance to plants to withstand biotic stress like drough and diseases
  • It reduces immature flower and fruit dropping
  • It improves crop quality through retention, fruit set and bearing.
  • Biolife acts on the plant throgh its growth regulation activity, enhancing cell division, cell elongation and accumulation of cell metabolites.

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