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GLS Transform


How to do use it

Foliar Spray : Dosage Apply 5-10 ml/15 liters of water twice or thrice at the interval of 20 days based on crop duration (Flower initation, Fruit setting and Fruit maturity stage)
Soil Application : Apply 50-75 ml in 200 liters of water for drip application. It can be applied by other irrigation systems like flood irrigation, sprinklers,etc for better root development and nutrient mobilization.
Fruit dipping : • 1-2 ml/liter of water can be mixed along with other treatments.can be applied with any other chemical at any growth stage of the crop.

Applications & benefits

  • Enhances fertility of floral organs of the plants that leads to increased productivity and quality.
  • Increases levels of endogenous natural plant hormones and enzymes.
  • Promotes pollen germination, fertilization, fruit set and yield.
  • Makes plants stem more robust and leaf thicker increasing plant efficiency to   overcome biotic (pest and diseases) and abiotic (drought, salinity, freezing etc.)
  • stresses and also helps crop sustain dosages of strong chemical inputs.

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