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MagicAll is a product derived from sea-weed extract. It is a combination of naturally occurring micronutrients (N,P and K ) and  micronutrients (Ca,Mg,S,Mn,Cu,Fe,Zn, etc.)
It also contain vegetal hormones,betaines,mannitol,organic acids,polysaccharides,
amino acides and proteins which are very beneficial to all types of crops.

How to do use it

 Application rate and timing 
  • Dosage for foliar spray : 1-2 ml per liter of water
  • Soil application : 1liter per 200 liters of water
  • Recommendation : 1 liter per acre.

Compatibility: MagicAll is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers. It can be applied in combination of liquid fertilizers for soil treatment through direct spray or side dressing. Mixing of MagicAll to highly acidic chemicals shoiuld be avoided as it may cause precipitation.

Applications & benefits

Application is recommended at sprouting,pre-fowering, flowering and in the stages of further development of hte crop. For best result apply in cool conditions,preferbly in early morning or in the evening. Avoid application in direct sunlight.,

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