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OSAVITA product is 2% Orthosilicic Acid (OSA). OSA is a biologically active Silicon and water-soluble form of Silica. It is easily absorbed by the plants, transported into the plant parts for effective utilization. OSAVITA is non-toxic and eco-friendly formulation having enormous benefits for plants and crops.

How to do use it

Foliar Spray: 1 - 2 ml/ liter of water or 250 ml/ acre
Drenching: 2 - 4 ml/ liter of water or 400 ml/acre
Drip Irrigation: 250ml/ acre

Applications & benefits

Helps to alleviate Abiotic stresses in the plants such as temperature fluctuations, heavy rain, water shortage and soil related stresses (acidity, alkalinity, salinity etc.)
Increases availability of nutrients, enhances uptake and utilization of nutrients (N, P, K, Ca), which results into enhanced crop yields.
Increases size & number of flowers, and flower to fruit conversion ratio. Also improves colour, size, number & quality of fruits.
Increases leaf area and chlorophyll content, also enhances the photosynthesis rate.
Increases plant resistance to pathogens and insects.
Reduces the consumption of water, fertilizers and pesticides.
Reduces lodging in cereals and sugarcane.

Useful For
Cereals, Oil seeds, Pulses, Sugarcane, Fruits, Vegetables & Flowering Plants and all Agricultural Crops, Greenhouse Crops

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