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GLS-ENRICH is an innovative product by Gujarat Life Sciences and derived from 100% organic ingredients produced by a unique Technology. It is highly effective, economical and eco-friendly product for soil application.
The exploitation and extreme use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have many a time harmfully affected the environment.
Basic elements like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Calcium are present in right combination from natural raw materials. Micro nutrients like Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper and Boron are also present in the right proportion in GLS-ENRICH i.e., also derived from natural raw material sources.

How to do use it

It can be used as a Broadcasting Method either directly or along with other soil applications like Vermi-Compost, FYM and with any other inorganic fertilizers. GLS-ENRICH can be applied at various stages of all crops and it can be applied in the soil with help of seed drill.

100-150 Kgs. per Acre. To be used at the time of sowing.
200 Kgs. per Acre for heavy black cotton soil and soil under intensive cropping system.

Applications & benefits

  • GLS-ENRICH is an ideal basal organic soil application for any crop.
  • Effective use of GLS-ENRICH increases disease resistant power of the crop.
  • By using GLS-ENRICH the soil fertility and productivity increased thereby the C: N ratio of soil improves, because GLS-ENRICH is organic soil conditioner.
  • GLS-ENRICH is useful for soil reclamations.
  • GLS-ENRICH improves the flowering and maximizes flower and fruit settings. GLS-ENRICH is compatible and can be mixed with inorganic fertilizers also.

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