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Zinclife is one of the eight essential elements under the micronutrient category that has a direct impact on plant growth and productivity. Although required in minor amounts, it plays a crucial role in plant growth hormone production as well as shoot growth. Zinclife in soil is mostly in unavailable form and is often overlooked in crop nutrition.

How to do use it

  • Soil drenching : Take 100 ml ZincLife in 15 lit water and drench around rhizosphere zone of plants.
  • Application in Nurseries : 500 ml of ZincLife is mixed with 10 kg dried FYM and broadcasted in the nursery area required for an acre of main field.
  • Soil Application : 800 ml of ZincLife with 50 kg dried FYM / compost and broadcast uniformly in one acre field.
  • Drip : Apply 1 lit of ZincLife along with 200 lit of water per acre.
  • Compatibility : ZincLife contains living organisms and is sensitive to chemical bactericides and botanical pesticides. It is synergistic and gives complementary results, if applied with organic fertilizers, manures, composts and other biofertilizers including mycorrhiza.

Applications & benefits

Zinclife ZMB contains unique zinc mobilizing bacteria that are capable of converting unavailable Zinclife into soluble form by the production of organic acids and enzymes, naturally facilitating zinc assimilation into the plant system.

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