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Sulphadose - Bacterium

Sulphadose Bacterium is a useful source of the bacteria ‘Thiobacillus sp.’. This bacteria produces active cells, that grow and multiply and mobilize the insoluble sulphur present in the soil. Hence it ultimately and appreciatively increases and improves the uptake of Sulphur and makes it readily available to the plant. Proper and adequate amount of sulphur hence absorbed by the plant makes it healthy and green with increased fruiting.

How to do use it

1 lit. per acre in soil through drenching in the root zone. It can be applied through drip irrigation also.
For better results use with Sulphadose – fungicide.

Applications & benefits

  • It contributes to increase in crop yield in three different ways.
It provides a direct nutritive value.
It provides indirect nutritive value as soil amendments, especially for calcareous and saline alkali soils.
It improve the use efficiency of other essential plant nutrients, particularly nitrogen and phosphorous.
  • It stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division.
  • Sulphadose helps plant in producing abundant foliage, flower and fruits.
  • It helps to promote nitrogen fixation in legumes.
  • It helps plants to resist draught better.
  • It gives fruits and vegetables richer natural flavour, colour and longer life.

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