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MicroShot is Multi Micronutrients Fertilizer. It is derived from digested slurry of Gobar-gas plants MicroShot is combination of Boron (0.5%), Iron (2.0%), Zinc (4.0%), Copper (0.3%) and Manganese (0.5%).

How to do use it

Mix 10 ml of MicroShot in 1 liter of water and apply through foliar spray method.
Total 2 litres of MicroShot are sufficient for 1 acre.
First spray: 30- 40 days after sowing/ transplanting.
Second spray: 50- 60 days after sowing/ transplanting.
Further spray is best on crop duration.
All type of Rabi Crops and Kharif Crops like Groundnut, Cotton, Soybean, Castor, Jeera, Paddy etc. Flowering, Fruits, Vegetables & Exotic Plants

Applications & benefits

Prevents yellowing of leaves and improves the quality of leaves. Helps to increase the number of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Aids in protein synthesis, photosynthesis and metabolic function of the plants. Improves uptake of major nutrients and helps in balancing the nutrients. Promotes plant growth and mitigates diseases. Promotes recovery of plants after stress.

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