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Wonderlife-G is a growth enhancer and growth promotor in granule form made in sterile conditions with the help of modern Biotechnology. It can be used at any stages of crop.

Contents of the Wonderlife-G:

  • Nitrogen fixing and Phosphate solublizing bacteria.
  • Micronutrient solublizing and mobilizing bacteria.
  • Sea weed extracts
  • Auxin, Cytokynin, Amino Acid, Plant Hormones, etc.

How to do use it

  • Wonderlife-G can be mixed with chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer as well as bio-fertilizer. The dosage of Wonderlife-G is 5-15 kgs. / acre for different crop.
  • It can be used two to three times in one crop. Wonderlife-G can used from before sowing to middle stage of all the agricultural crops.
  • For horticultural crops, the dosage is 50-100 gms./ tree for tree of less than 5 years old and 200-500 gms./ tree for tree of more than 5 years age. Irrigate the field/trees after applying Wonderlife-G.

Applications & benefits

  • As Wonderlife-G is in granular form, it releases nutrients slowly so that plant gets nutrients for long time.
  • Nitrogen fixing and Phosphate solublizing bacteria of Wonderlife-G helps plant to get N and P from air and soil, thereby helps the farmer to reduce the dosage of Urea and DAP.

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