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What is Rhizobium Bacteria

The Rhizobium bacteria basically colonize plant cells within the root nodules and there, they convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia. It is done with the help of an enzyme called nitrogenase where the bacteria helps the plants to receive organic nitrogenous compounds such as ureides and glutamine. The Rhizobium bacteria cannot fix atmospheric nitrogen on their own, they only develop the ability to fix nitrogen as a symbiont. Here, bacteria are also benefited by the plants as they perform photosynthesis and prepare organic compounds that are provided to the bacteria as well. This way, a mutually beneficial relationship is established between the plants and the rhizobia. Chemical attractants are secreted by the roots of a legume and bacteria that release nod factors result in curling of the root hairs. It causes the degradation of cell wall and formation of an infection thread.

How to do use it

Uses of Rhizobium Rhizobium biofertilizer is a substance that contains living microorganisms and is applied to plant surfaces, seeds or soil. Here, the Rhizobium bacteria colonize the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant to promote growth by enhancing the supply or nutrient availability to the host plant. Rhizobium uses the host plant to fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into useful organic compounds, benefiting both, the bacteria and the plant.

Dosage: 1Lit / 1 Acre
Mixed with 50 kg FYM and Organic Manure or Drench near root zone

Applications & benefits

The basic function of Rhizobium is fixing atmospheric nitrogen for the plants to provide them with nitrogenous compounds and establish a symbiotic relationship with the plants as explained above. In addition to this, Rhizobium helps in enhancing soil productivity and fertility making the right environment for the plants to flourish. Also, Rhizobium bacteria take care of behavioural factors including nutrient deficiency, drought stress, salt stress and harmful effects of pesticides and fertilizers that may be unhealthy for the plants in some manner.

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