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It is a Phosphate Solubilizing Biofertilizer. It contains Phosphate Solubilizing Microbes.

How to do use it

  • Shake bottle well before use. Mix 250 ml of Phospholife in sufficient quantity of water and coat 1 kg of seeds with this solution. Dry the seed in a shade for half an hour before sowing.
  • Phospholife can be mixed with Azotolife also.
  • Mix 500 ml to 1 lit. of Phospholife in 100-150 lit. of water and apply at root zone through drenching.
  • Mix 500 ml to 1 lit. of Phospholife in 50-100 kg of organic manure/FYM. Apply this mixture at root zone of the plants in one acre. Apply irrigation after the application.
  • Phospholife can be used through drip irrigation also.
  • Do not apply any chemical 24 hours before and after the application of Phospholife.

Applications & benefits

  • Phospholife solubilizes, insoluble phosphate lying in soil and there by improves soil fertility.
  • Helps roots to grow and there by the roots can easily get various nutrients from the deeper part of soil.
  • It helps farmers to reduce the dosage of chemical fertilizer.

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